Department of Clinical Epidemiology is to conduct free and independent research on a high international level. The department has a special obligation to strengthen and extend clinical epidemiological research at the health services of the Central Denmark Region.

Other tasks:

  • Supervising clinical epidemiological research in the region
  • Contributing to method development and the establishment of training in clinical epidemiology
  • Ensuring the best possible use of health data in clinical epidemiological research and establishing a structure, which secures the use of research data
  • Assisting with the development and running of registries and clinical databases
  • Consultant functions in relation to the Central Denmark Region in questions necessitating clinical epidemiological knowledge on a high level
  • Contributing to development, implementation and use of quality indicators.

The department has a documentation function with the aim of securing, maintaining and promoting the use of regional registries for research purposes, among other things, the prescription database, the birth registry, and the regional hospital information systems.

Besides, the department has published the book "Use of Medical Databases in Clinical Epidemiology".

Please also see the journal Clinical Epidemiology with professor Henrik Toft Sørensen as editor-in-chief, and the Danish Code of Conduct for Research Interegrity published by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.