Danish Knee Arthroplasty Registry (DKR)


The Danish Knee Arthroplasty Registry (DKR) is a nationwide clinical database. Since 2005 the DKR has been part of the Danish Orthopaedic Common Database. The objective of the registry is to improve treatment related to knee arthroplastyBesides, due to the DKR it is possible to follow the development in quality of knee arthroplasty surgeries in Denmark as well as development in surgery rate in various orthopaedic departments and in total. The quality of courses is assessed by use of six indicators, including prosthesis survival. These indicators can thus help the wards in their efforts of securing and improving the quality of knee arthroplasties.  


For a description of indicators, please see KCKS-Vest [In Danish]


The DKR was initiated in 1997. The population consists of all patients subject to primary knee arthroplasties, revisions and follow-up examinations in Denmark in one of the 60 departments, performing this type of surgery, including private hospital departments.


Data are collected prospectively by the operating surgeon before, during and after the surgery, using a standardized form. The registered preoperative data include: the patient’s civil registration number, weight, side of surgery, date of surgery, hospital code, revision arthroplasty, previous surgery in the same knee, functional group, diagnosis and knee score. The intra-operative data include: operation theatre, antibiotic prophylaxis, type of anaesthesia, thrombosis prophylaxis, bloodlessness, access, navigation, duration of surgery, type of tibia, femoral and patelar component, fixation method,type of cement, perioperative complications, bone transplantations, drainage, cause of revision, status before and after revision and the number of earlier revisions.


Chairman, Consultant Anders Odgaard, DMSc, Aarhus University Hospital, representing DSHK. E-mail: ao@knee.dk
Staff specialist Alma Becic Pedersen, PhD, Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, North. E-mail: abp@clin.au.dk
Inquiries regarding the Danish Orthopaedic Common Database, including the DKR, should be directed to quality consultant Anne Hjelm, Competence Centre for Clinical Quality and Health Informatics, West. E-mail: Anne.Hjelm@stab.rm.dk


Annual reports are available at sundhed.dk [In Danish]

Please also see the registry homepage.