Danish Transfusion Database (DTDB)


With an outset in the apparent high use of blood in Denmark, the Danish Transfusion Database (DTBD) is aimed at studying the use of blood components in Denmark with the objective of securing a rational practise regarding transfusion.


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One of the reasons for establishing DTDB was the fact that the use of blood components per inhabitant in Denmark is up to 50% bigger than in countries, whose conditions in this regard are comparable to Danish conditions.

DTDB seeks to assess transfusion practise by analyzing the submitted information on diagnose, treatment, blood transfusion and clinical/chemical parameters. The analyses are published in reports that are sent to the central health authorities, the hospital owners, the blood banks and the hospitals’ transfusion boards. The analyses are also accessible on the health portal www.sundhed.dk. The analyses are a significant source of information for authorities such as the transfusion boards which have to ensure expedient use of blood and blood components in the Danish healthcare system.

The submission of data happens by electronic transmission of data from existing registries and information systems. The data comprise patient administrative data, data on use of blood components and data on clinical biochemical parameters.

DTDB is professionally related to the Danish Association of Clinical Immunology.


The database contains information on all transfusions, all patient hospitalizations – also those not using blood, all laboratory results and all compatibility data. For the period 1997 to 2004, DTDB contains information on all hospitalized patients at hospitals in H:S (Rigshospitalet) and the former counties of Roskilde, Funen, North Jutland and Aarhus.

As part of the development into a nationwide clinical database, DTDB changed to a new reporting system in 2005. At the same time, the reporting procedure was altered so that patient administrative information is now delivered by the Danish National Register of Patients instead of by the individual hospitals’ PAS systems. In addition, laboratory data is now submitted based on certain IUPAC codes instead of being submitted based on civil registration numbers. All hospitals are now obliged to submit data to DTDB.
Information on each patient include: civil registration number, number of blood portions, age, gender, diagnosis, surgery, treatment, haemoglobin concentration and coagulation factors.


DTDB has a board consisting of representatives from Danish Association of Clinical Immunology and the regions, the authority responsible for registers (Region Midt) and Competence Centre North. The daily management is handled by a steering committee while Competence Centre North is in charge of the everyday running of the database.


Quality consultant Susanne Stenkjær Ravnkilde, Competence Centre for Clinical Quality and Health Informatics, West. E-mail: Susanne.Stenkjær@stab.rm.dk

Chairman, consultant Kjell Titleatd, DMSc (Odense University Hospital);  E-mail: kek@dadlnet.dk.

Consultant Mette Nørgaard, PhD, Competence Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, North. E-mail: mn@clin.au.dk


Please also see the database home page.